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The Anointer,the Anointed and the Ointment

The Baptism of the Lord

We continue the theme of Epiphany which is the manifestation of Christ to the world. We celebrate today the manifestation of Christ through our Lord's baptism by John in the Jordan. Our Lord is made manifest as the Christ, for Christ means “anointed”. And this manifestation of Christ is a Trinitarian manifestation, as Christ is anointed by the Father with the Holy Spirit. The Father is the anointer, Christ is the anointed, and the Holy Spirit is the ointment.

This manifestation is not just a manifestation of names – it is a manifestation of our salvation. Christ does not need Baptism. Christ does not need anointing. Christ does not need salvation. BUT WE DO!

Our Lord is made manifest as the Christ precisely at the Jordan, where sinful humanity came to John for repentance. Christ enters into the place where humanity was asking for forgiveness. And Christ is made manifest to sanctify the baptismal waters for the forgiveness of sins. He reveals His saving nat…

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