Saturday, 28 March 2020

Play your part in the Re-dedication of England as the Dowry of Mary

The Statue of Our Lady of Walsingham in the Slipper Chapel at Walsingham

Catholics through England are invited on Sunday 29th March to perform this Act of Re-dedication of England as the Dowry of Mary, as follows:
1. The Angelus Promise
2. Act of Entrustment of England to Mary

+ In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost. Amen.

The Angelus Promise

The Angelus Promise is a spiritual exercise created to assist you to embrace the message of Our Lady, as expressed in the Angelus. It invites you to “share in the joy of the Annunciation” by following Mary’s openness to God’s call, through her faith-filled “yes”. Through your own faith-filled “yes”, the Lord will work wonders in your life. 

The Angel of the Lord declared unto Mary 
V: And she conceived by the Holy Spirit
As God once chose Mary to become the Mother of His Son through the message of an angel, so He chooses me this day, and invites me through the ministry of the Church or the example of another,  to seek and do His Will at this moment in my life. 
Hail Mary full of Grace… 

R: Behold the handmaid of the Lord 
V: Be it be done unto me according to thy Word
Mary’s response to her invitation, “let it be done to me according to your Word”, opened her heart to God’s grace and all things became possible. Let my “yes” today take away fear, as I embrace God’s Will, and like Mary “ponder these things in my heart”. 
Hail Mary full of Grace… 

R: And the Word became flesh (Bow or genuflect) 
V: And dwelt among us
At a moment in history, Mary’s faith-filled “yes” conceived Him, first in her heart, which then led to the birth of our Saviour. Through accepting Him in my heart, enable me to recognise my role in bringing Christ to my sisters and brothers today. 
Hail Mary full of Grace… 

R: Pray for us most holy Mother of God 
V: That we may be made worthy of the promises of Christ 

Let us pray: O Holy Mother of God, pray for us, and assist us as we dedicate ourselves this day. Your Yes at the Annunciation brought our Saviour Jesus into the world, and you invite us to contemplate the great mystery of the Incarnation, sharing your joy in announcing that “the Word was made flesh and lived among us.” May our yes, this day, open our hearts to serve our sisters and brothers in this your Dowry, that they too may share our joy in the Good News that God walks among us. We make this prayer through Christ our Lord. Amen. 


Based on Prayer of Erasmus 1532, Dedication of England to the Mother of God 1893, Prayer for England, Cardinal Griffin’s Act of Consecration 1948, Act of Consecration St John Paul 1982 Prayer 

O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon England thy “Dowry” and upon us all who greatly hope and trust in thee. 
Response We your faithful people assembled here offer you this country in which we live. Once it was yours, all its children were your children and you were honoured throughout England as its Protectress and its Queen. Again do we consecrate it as your Dowry, and entrust it to your maternal care. 
Prayer By thee it was that Jesus our Saviour and our hope was given unto the world; and He has given thee to us that we might hope still more. 
Response To you we entrust the Church, which invokes you as Mother. On earth you preceded her in the pilgrimage of faith. Comfort her in her difficulties and trials. Make her always the sign and instrument of intimate union with God and of the unity of the whole human race. To you, Mother of the human family, and of the nations, we confidently entrust the whole of humanity with its hopes and fears. Let it not lack the light of true wisdom. Guide it to seek freedom and justice for all. Direct its steps in the ways of peace. Enable all to meet Christ, the Way, the Truth and the Life. 
Prayer Plead for us thy children, whom thou didst receive and accept at the foot of the Cross, O sorrowful Mother. 
Response Pray, O Holy Mother of God, for the conversion of heart of the people of England, restoration of the sick, consolation for the troubled, repentance of sinners, peace to the departed. Queen of Peace, pray for us and give to the world the peace for which all peoples are longing, peace in the truth, justice and charity of Christ. Give peace to the nations and to the souls of all, that in peace, the Kingdom of God may prevail. 
Prayer Intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the supreme Shepherd, the Vicar of thy Son. 
Response May your prayers bring back this country to the fullness of its ancient faith. May your intercession lead us to a closer union with your divine Son. We offer you all the people of this land, especially those who know you so little or not at all. May all in our country know Christ, the light of the world and its only Saviour. 
Prayer Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith fruitful in good works we may all deserve to see and praise God, together with thee, in our heavenly home. 
Response May we who follow your Son, be fruitful in the good work of building a culture of life in our world, where all human life is treasured and the gift of God’s creation is respected and cared for, so that all may share the fruits of Gods generous love. 
V: Pray for us O Holy Mother of God 
R: That we may be made worthy of the Promises of Christ. 
O Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God, and our most gentle Queen and Mother, look down in mercy upon England, thy Dowry, and upon us all who greatly hope and trust in thee. By thee it was that Jesus, our Saviour and our hope, was given unto the world; and he has given thee to us that we might hope still more. Plead for us thy children, whom thou didst receive and accept at the foot of the cross, O sorrowful Mother, intercede for our separated brethren, that with us in the one true fold they may be united to the Chief Shepherd, the Vicar of thy Son. Pray for us all, dear Mother, that by faith, fruitful in good works, we may all deserve to see and praise God, together with thee in our heavenly home. Amen. 

The Slipper Chapel at the Shrine of Our Lady, Walsingham

Friday, 27 March 2020

Prayer today

1. Stations of the Cross

I will be praying the Stations of the Cross today at 12noon. You may like to join me in spirit from where you are.

A link to the form of Stations I will use and some photos of the Stations at St Edward's.

2. Pope's time of Prayer this afternoon

The Ordinary has suggested we might like to join the Holy Father in prayer at 5pm GMT. The Pope will give an Urbi et Orbi blessing, to which is attached a plenary indulgence.

The life feed to the Vatican Media service is below:-

Thursday, 26 March 2020

Message from the Ordinary

Prayer in time of Great Sickness and Mortality
O MOST mighty and merciful God, in this time of grievous sickness, we flee unto thee for succour. Deliver us, we beseech thee, from our peril; give strength and skill to all those who minister to the sick; prosper the means made use of for their cure; and grant that, perceiving how frail and uncertain our life is, we may apply our hearts unto that heavenly wisdom which leadeth to eternal life; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.
- St Gregory Prayer Book (2019)

Live streamed masses in the Ordinariate

Click on the link below to find the times of masses that are being live streamed.
You click on the blue 'button' to connect to the live stream.
There are masses each day of the week.

LIVE streamed masses: Times and Links here

Wednesday, 25 March 2020

Mass of the Annunciation with the Ordinary

If you use YouTube you might subscribe to the channel for our church in Warwick St. YouTube channel is:   Our Lady of the Assumption Catholic Church

Tuesday, 24 March 2020

Pope's calls us to pray with him on Wed & Fri

The Holy Father announced the following invitation to prayer to all Christians. It is to pray the Our Father on Wednesday (Annunciation) at noon :-
In these trying days, while humanity trembles due to the threat of the pandemic, I would like to propose to all Christians that together we lift our voices towards Heaven. I invite all the Heads of the Churches and the leaders of every Christian community, together with all Christian of the various confessions, to invoke the Almighty, the omnipotent God, to recite at the same time the prayer that Jesus, our Lord, taught us. I, therefore, invite everyone to do this several times a day, but all together, to recite the Our Father this coming Wednesday, 25 March, at noon, all together. On that day  on which many  Christians recall the annunciation to the Virgin Mary of the Incarnation of the Word, may the Lord listen to the united prayer of all of His disciples who are preparing themselves to celebrate the victory of the Risen Christ.
 [I think I will pray the Angelus and then an Our Father - Fr Ian]

Then the Holy Father speaks about the call to pray with him on Friday evening and receive the special Urbi et Orbi blessing which has an attached possibility of plenary indulgence: 
With this same intention, this coming Friday, 27 March, at 6:00pm, I will preside over a moment of prayer on the sagrata of Saint Peter’s Basilica, before the empty square. I invite everyone to participate spiritually through the means of communication. We will listen to the Word of God, we will lift up our supplication, we will adore the Blessed Sacrament, with which at the end, I will give the Urbi et Orbi blessing, to which will be connected the possibility of receiving the plenary indulgence.

Consecration to Jesus through Mary

Tomorrow is the Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord to the Blessed Virgin Mary. In the Ordinariate we have been asked to perform the Act of Consecration to Jesus through Mary. We have been reading and meditating on the 33 days to Morning Glory graciously provided by the Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham. We are almost there!

Alas most people in this country cannot go to Mass on this great Solemnity. I will be offering the Mass in my oratory at home and will of course hold you all in my heart as I offer the holy oblation. Once Mass is over I will make the Act of Consecration. We are encouraged to have written out the prayer and to have entered our own name and sign it. This you may do even if you cannot attend mass.

As we read today, you should also perform an examination of conscience and make an act of contrition. As soon as it is possible to go to confession, you should go.