Monday, 15 August 2011

World Youth Day event 2011

Please pray for the World Youth Day event in Madrid (16-21 August). Young people from all over the world will be gathering before the Pope at the five day event. The average age of participants is 22. Let us pray that this event is a real and lasting inspiration to the young people of the church, and that their enthusiasm and missionary zeal may inspire the rest of us especially the church in Western Europe.

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Sunday, 14 August 2011

Father Robin's Assumption Homily

  Sing the greatest joy of Mary, when on earth her work was done,
   And the Lord of all creation brought her to his heavenly home:
   Virgin Mother, Mary blessed, raised on high and crowned with grace,
   May your Son, the world's redeemer, grant us all to see his face.
               (final verse of "Sing we of the Blessed Mother" - today's opening
                 hymn sung to Abbots Leigh)

Today we celebrated the Mass of the Assumption of Our Lady
at the later time of 4.30pm. We moved to the later time to allow another celebration to take place at 3pm.  Our gracious Sacristan was very busy today.

In our Mass we were treated to a fine homily given by Fr Robin Ellis who, without any notes, reminded us that the celebration of today was very much grounded in the Ascension of our Lord.  Our Lord in His Ascension had taken His human nature, which had been given to Him by His mother, into heaven. Today we celebrated Blessed Mary, who was so united to her Son in life, that in death she was united body and soul with her Son in heaven. And so our hope is to follow our adopted Mother in her following of her Son.

One of the beautiful opportunites at feasts of our Lady is to sing familiar Marian hymns. Today we sang, Sing we of the blessed Mother (Abbots Leigh), Virgin-born we bow before thee (Quem Pastores),and Ye who own the faith of Jesus (Daily daily). By the time we had sung all three hymns we had covered the Marian doctrines of the Church. These doctrines of Mary are doctrines of hope for us all, for Mary has followed her Son in the way we too must follow to eternal life. We too must say "Be it unto me according to thy word". Christ too must be born in us. We too must unite our suffering hearts with our Saviour's on the cross. We too must unite our prayers with the whole Apostolic Church waiting for the Spirit of God. And by the grace of Christ alone we pray that one day we will be united with Christ in glory. Mary shows us the way of faith.

Every blessing on this great feast of Our Lady,
Fr Ian

PS Sometime later this week I shall start being resident at Christ the King Presbytery. My new address:
           Christ the King Presbytery
           Armada Way
           PL1 2EN
Until at least 24th August the Presbytery telephone number is 01752 266523.

DAY NINE (Eve of Pentecost)