Saturday, 12 November 2011

More on Stem Cell research

Here is a further report on stem cell research, and the Holy Father re-iterating Catholic teaching on the subject.

Thursday, 10 November 2011

The Vatican backs stem cell research!

But be careful it isn't fetal stem cells but adult stem cells!  This video reports on how the Vatican is funding research into this important area and hosting a scientific symposium in Rome.

The ethical problem with using fetal/embryonic stem cells for therapies is that fetal stem cells are derived from embryo tissue, the production of which involves the destruction of human life.  Whereas adult stem cells are produced naturally by the patient's body and then subsequently re-introduced into areas of the body in need of repair.  The adult stem cells, being cells from the body, would presumably not be rejected by the immune system as a foreign body to be attacked.

There is much excitement as to the potential of stem cell therapy but the Catholic Church and Pro-life groups are almost alone in voicing concern over the ethical problems with using fetal/embryonic tissue.  Because it is hidden and people see the potential benefits, they tend to ignore the problem that destroying human life in order to bring health to others can never be right.  The Catholic Church teaches that it is part of the modern world's culture of death.

The Vatican is showing the world that it supports adult stem cell therapies for the benefit they can bring all humankind without destroying some human beings in the process.

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