Thursday, 9 May 2013

Ryan Anderson defends marriage in TV debate

In this 14 minute TV clip of a CNN live debate, we witness the great problems we face in western society's 'debate' over whether we can consider marriage applicable to gay couples.

Here Ryan Anderson debates very logically and clearly the case for marriage not to be redefined. He gives a clear and reasoned response to all their challenges, yet they will neither concede the argument nor put forward a better one. While it is in some ways depressing viewing, for if logic and reason can so easily be abandoned how can we have hope for western society? Yet it is important to reflect on these things in order to understand more clearly where the real problems are, and, how we can defend the understanding of marriage as between a man and a woman.

One of the things that comes over to me again is how the question of children and their well-being has become secondary. Ryan's point that the State has no need to interfere with relationships except when it affects children is a good one. A union of a man and a woman can produce children, whereas a gay couple's union/sexual expression can never produce children. All children have a mother and a father, and marriage binds together the father and the mother for their good, yes, but most especially for the children. Again it seems to me that the children suffer because of what adults want. This is also true regarding the abortion 'debate': one in which reason has been abandoned for the sake of adults doing what they want to do. Principally abortion is needed because sexual union and procreation have been divorced in people's minds. The consequence of people having multiple sexual relationships is that women will become pregnant. The logical conclusion is to put off sexual union until one is in a position to be able responsibly to have children, for the sake of the children. The children should have the priority for the sake of future generations. Abortion literally sacrifices children almost always for the sake of allowing adults to freely gratify their sexual desires. Instead of strengthening the bond that can bring stability to a child's mother and father, what advocates of gay marriage are effectively saying is that marriage is principally about adults and not about children, it is about adults being happy before children's well-being.

It is well worth listening carefully to this, so-called, debate, for sooner or later most of us will be asked the same sorts of questions, and we need to have the answers that defend the truth.

DAY NINE (Eve of Pentecost)