Alleluia! Lumen Christi. Deo gratias.

The Easter fire
 As night began to fall so we gathered by the fire outside the Abbey church.  We watched the embers glowing warmly as we felt a little chill in the darkness. And then the monastic community emerged to begin the joyous vigil of Easter. The fire was blessed, the paschal candle marked and then a light was taken from the fire to light the paschal candle. Easter had begun: "Lumen Christi" sang the Abbot, we replied, "Deo Gratias". Thanks be to God indeed for the Light of Christ, not least for the light that has illuminated the hearts of the first to enter the Ordinariate this Holy Week & Easter.

In the Easter homily we were reminded of the connection between Christian Easter and the Jewish Passover, and the question Jewish childern ask their father on the night of the passover: "Why is this night different from all others?" A question Father Abbot suggested we all should ask of this night. And the answer is to be found most beautifully put in the Exultet, the ancient Easter hymn.

On this night Christ passed over from death to life. May the light of the Paschal Candle be a symbol of Christ's light aflame in our hearts, and may it forever burn in us. Amen.

We were privileged to also witness a new Christian being brought into the fold through the waters of baptism, along with two of the baptised brought into full communion with the Catholic Church. All three were Confirmed.

What a joyful night! The Prince of Life being dead, now lives and reigns. Alleluia.
Ian Hellyer, Group Pastor

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