Palm Sunday

Today's mass launched us into the mysteries of Holy Week in a very beautiful way.  The procession of the palms pointed not only to Christ's triumphant entry into Jerusalem but also the journey or ascent to the Kingdom that is our own lives.  We listened to Matthew's Passion narrative, dramatically read.  The music for the mass lifted our hearts as the voices soared into the heights of the abbey church.  It was not just my own children which found the music captivating as I noticed some neighbouring little ones just taking it all in.  When liturgy is done beautifully in this way it draws everyone into its compass including the very young.

Holy Week has begun and we draw near to our own entrance into full communion with the Catholic Church.  Praised be to God for his great mercy and love for us.  Please pray for us; as twelve of us make this step on Maundy Thursday at 4.30pm.
Ian Hellyer, Pastor for the Buckfast Group

Postscript:  The tadpoles are growing but still no change is visible in their metamorphosis.

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