Torbay Ordinariate Group Reception

The Torbay Ordinariate GroupAt a service held shortly before the Mass of the Lord's Supper this evening 41 members of the Torbay Ordinariate Group were received into the full communion of the Catholic Church.  The receptions and confirmations were celebrated by Fr John Smethurst, Parish Priest of The Holy Angels, Chelston, who are hosting the group, and himself a former Anglican. 

Fr Smethurst spoke of the sense of 'Easter having come early' with the evident and audible excitement in the lead up to the Maundy Thursday Mass as the newly received members of the Church were greeted and congratulated by their fellow Catholics from the Parish.

The group has close links with the other groups in the Plymouth Diocese - at Buckfast Abbey and in Cornwall - who were also received today, and all these groups look forward to having further members received into full communion in the near future.

 First to be received were the three former Anglican clergy

 Each member came up to receive the sacrament of confirmation
The whole group with Fr John Smethurst

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