Priestly Ordinations Yesterday (Friday 17th June)

Bishop Budd performing the laying on of hands
In Plymouth Cathedral yesterday evening, members of the ordinariate, former parishioners, friends, well-wishers and family gathered to support the eight men to be ordained priest in the Catholic Church, by Bishop Christopher Budd, Bishop of Plymouth Diocese. Seven were for the Ordinariate, one for the diocese (a former Anglican too).

It has been quite a journey for us all, and there was not a little bit of relief being felt. It was also very humbling as we considered how soon we were being ordained after leaving our ministry in the Church of England. It was humbling to thus receive so much joy and warmth at this celebration.

Bishop Budd commented that it had been some time since the cathedral had hosted an ordination for such a number.

Priests laying on with hands
The first two lessons were read by two of the wives of the candidates, the psalm sung by one of the candidates' son. The candidates had chosen hymns and lessons as they felt was appropriate:

Introit: All my hope on God is founded
Setting of mass: Dom Gregory Murray's New Mass
First lesson: Jeremiah 1:4-9
Ps 109 "You are a priest for ever, a priest like Melchizedek of old" by Dom Sebastian Wolff OSB

Second lesson: 1 Peter 5:1-4
Investiture with stole and chasuble
Gospel: John 20:19-23
Litany - cantor a diocesan priest

After anointing with Chrism: Come Holy Ghost
Offertory: Alleluia! sing to Jesus
Communion: Sweet sacrament divine, Be still for the presence, All for Jesus
Recession: Ye who own the faith of Jesus (daily,daily)

The lessons were taken from RSV (Catholic Edition).

Following the mass, the bishop had arranged for refreshments. Sadly because of the rain the refreshments were not in the marquee in the bishop's garden, we went to the school hall instead. However clearly the children present found this very agreeable as screams of delight were heard from some distance away as they played games in the school playground. The young children did particularly well getting through a long liturgy, but they still seemed to have plenty of energy afterwards.

It was very touching to be greeted by former parishioners who had taken the trouble to come. I am sure some sadness or at least mixed emotions were present to them. But there was also much warmth and congratulations offered to the priests, and not a few asked for new priestly blessings.

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