Thursday, 4 August 2011

St Mary Magdalene & Walking with the ordinariate

 1. St Mary Magdalene

On Friday 22nd July the parish of Our Lady & St. Mary Magdalene, Tavistock, celebrated it's Patronal Festival.

There was a special Mass at 7.30pm which was
supported by the Cornwall Ordinariate Group and Ordinariate clergy from the South West.

Fr. David Lasbrooke from the Torbay Group preached and Fr. Simon Chinery magnificently sang the Gospel! The occasion also marked Fr. John's 55th birthday, and the Mass was followed by a Cheese and Wine reception. A good
night was had by all!

2. Walking

Once a month, members of the Cornwall Ordinariate Group go on a walk. Our latest walk was on Friday 29th July; an eight mile walk starting at Cremyll, passing Maker and returning alone the coastline from Kingsland and Causland. The weather was glorious and hot!.

Anyone is welcomed to join us, our next walk will be on Friday, 26th August, starting at 10am. For more details contact Fr. John Greatbatch 01822 612645

Fr John Greatbatch

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  1. Welcome from a "cradle Catholic". We waited long for signs of the beginning of the reunion of Canterbury and Rome. Having known Anglican Catholics all my life, and followed Forward in Faith website, I have some understanding of you, and when able I explain to my fellow long established Catholics that you do share our beliefs, and have always had seven sacraments.

    The Ordinariate is the best thing that has happened to us since the Catholic Emancipation Act. Acorns grow into huge oaks.

    There is a need to clear up misunderstandings about the Ordinariate. May I make a suggestion? How about producing a small easily understood booklet, to make available in our RC parish churches, chapels and schools, giving basic information about the historical background of Anglo Catholicism and the reasons why your bishops petitioned the Holy Father to provide for you to swim the Tiber in groups?