Flame of faith can diminish ; even go out

Pope Benedict addressed the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) yesterday.  Amongst many other important matters, the CDF oversees the Ordinariates.  Any decisions that cannot be made by the Ordinariate's governing council or Ordinary  are passed on to the CDF.  For example, recently they confirmed that the Ordinariate is to have its own Chrism Mass and also that we pray for "Keith our Ordinary" in the Eucharistic Prayer instead of naming the local bishop.

The CDF is an immensely important organ of the Church and its purpose is to ensure the Church is teaching the Faith divinely inspired by guarding against aberration and error. It began life in 1542 and was known then as The Congregation for Universal Inquisition. In 1908 it changed its name to a more general title, to the Congregation of the Holy Office. Now, since 1965, it has the more meaningful title we know now: Congegation for the Doctrine of the Faith.

Pope Benedict's insight into the malady of European culture is extremely keen and his announcements on this subject should be meditated on and heeded. In addressing his concerns regarding the diminishing flame of faith to the CDF, we in the ordinariate should take heed.

Pope Benedict has proposed a Year of Faith that will begin in October this year. It is intended to be a year we study all aspects of our faith in greater detail and depth than perhaps we have done before. The Holy Father reminds us that our faith can flicker out if we do not do something about it. Growing in faith does not happen automatically. Yes it grows by grace, but amongst other things we must be prepared to study our faith discovering new depths and new aspects to the truth we had not previously known.

Fr Ian

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