Monday, 6 February 2012

Fifth Sunday of the year

We gathered yesterday for mass knowing that quite a few of the group would be absent due to illness, but were glad to see them replaced by a number of visitors. We were able to give them copies of the "Angelus" magazine which is proving very helpful in informing enquirers what we are about. There is much ignorance about the Ordinariate but there are many keen to know more - we hope the Angelus magazine will be just one way we are able to plug that gap. (To members of local groups - please send me articles soon for the next issue.) If you should like us to send you one please let me know.

We are very encouraged by the enquirers who have been making serious enquiries about entering the full communion of the Catholic Church via the Ordinariate. Currently we have five people who want to be catechised and prepared at Buckfast, so classes will be starting soon. Other enquirers who live further away are following the RCIA programme in their local Catholic parish and will enter the Ordinariate later. It is not too late for others to join. Please contact me for further details (  01752 266523).

Every blessing to you and yours,
Fr Ian

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