Ordinariate Conference in June

Members of the Ordinariate are very excited to be gathering for a day together at Buckfast Abbey. To be in the Ordinariate itself still feels like a great honour, even a year on, and gathering together to meet and get to know one another better is always a treat. On top of that it is a great privilege to host such a well respected theologian as Professor Tracey Rowland, especially as she is in the UK for only a brief few days, on her way home (in Australia) from Rome.

One of the exciting things about being a member of the Ordinariate is being conscious that one is part of something being formed by the Holy Spirit in the Church. Our dream to be in the full communion of the Catholic Church has been fulfilled, but we are not to sit on our laurels. God has called us to Apostolic Work for that is why we have been given the church structure we have been given (not a society or prelature). The exciting thing is that while we are confident God knows what He is about, we have not yet fully discerned His purposes for us. We hope very much that Professor Rowland will help reflect on our calling and the meaning of the Ordinariate in the context of what the Church calls, the New Evangelisation.

Most of those booked on the day are members of the Ordinariate but we would welcome both our Anglican and diocesan Catholic brothers and sisters to join us if they wish. Already about a dozen Anglicans have booked places.
There are still plenty of places so book now with me at  buckfast@ordinariate.org.uk 
Fr Ian

The Day's programme

  9.45am    Arrivals begin
10.15am    Mass
10.45am    Coffee
11.00am    Talk 1 - Prof Rowland
12noon      Angelus
12.05pm    Lunch & free time (packed lunch or The Grange)
 1.30pm     Talk 2 - Prof Rowland
 2.30pm     Question time
 3.00pm     Free time
 3.30pm     Evensong & Benediction  in the Abbey
 4.15pm     departure

Directions to the Conference centre: http://www.buckfast.org.uk/page-directions.html

The Conference centre has its own parking, although the Conference centre is part of the Abbey site. Put simply drive past the normal entrance for visitors, turn right where the road dips and rises a little, and turn right again. Follow the wiggly lane until you come to the car park.

We look forward to seeing you.
Bookings with Fr Ian:  01752 266523  or  buckfast@ordinariate.org.uk
                Christ the King Presbytery, Armada Way, Plymouth, PL1 2EN

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