The Ordinariate in Exeter

Blessed Sacrament Catholic Church in Exeter, Heavitree

Beginning in July there will be new Ordinariate meetings at Blessed Sacrament Church on Fore Street in Heavitree.  Mass in the church will be followed by refreshments and an opportunity for discussion.

Meetings are on the first Saturday of the month at 11:00 am and the fourth Wednesday of the month at 7pm and are open to all - including members of the Ordinariate, other Catholics and interested members of other churches.

Fr Simon Chinery 0117 230 9987

The dates are:
Sat                       Wed
7th July                25th July
4th August          22nd Aug
1st Sept.              26th Sept.
6th October        24th October
3rd November    21st November (Third Wednesday)
1st December

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