Transcendentals - Beauty in church architecture

When Prof Rowland addressed us at Buckfast regarding the New Evangelisation, one stimulating thought regarding Evangelisation regarded what is known as the three transcendentals. She suggested that the New Evangelisation was not a programme but a renewal in Evangelisation. One thing she suggested was that we needed to have regard for the three transcendentals: truth, beauty and goodness, in the life of the church. She suggested to us that individuals tended to major on one of the three transcendentals and it was important therefore for the church to appeal through all three, for if it neglects one of the three then it effectively closes its doors to a whole section of people. Beauty, being one of the three, will naturally attract and draw people, so the church should be about "beauty", not least in its worship.

Here in the following video clip from Fr Barron's WordOnFire blog, Dr Macnamara explains his understanding why some churches seem beautiful while others do not. He has written a book called "Catholic Church Architecture and the Spirit of the Liturgy" and will be publishing these short video clips weekly to accompany his book. (The blog is found here ).

And this is the second clip in the series:

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