Interview with Pope Francis 6 months ago

This is an interview with Pope Francis, six months ago. He begins reflecting on the Year of Faith and the idolatrous ideologies of relativism and consumerism.

I think this interview helps to explain Pope Francis' exhortations on Poverty in the Year of Faith. I think also helps us to understand continuity between Pope Benedict's teaching and the thought of our new Pope Francis. Goodness knows he hasn't had the chance to explain himself yet - so this really helps.

My Synopsis:
Superfluous Spending: First the Pope mentions what is spent on pets. Now I know there are a lot of pet owners out there (we have tropical fish at the presbytery), so this is very challenging. He suggests we idolise our pets - they become too important, and we end up spending money needlessly on them. Many years ago I read a statistic that suggested we spend more on pet food than on overseas aid. I suspect it might still be true looking at some shopping trolleys. Secondly he criticised the spending on cosmetics: millions spent on our visual appearance yet there are children dying in poverty. He says, Pope Benedict speaks about beauty of the Spirit, but so many people are spending money on a beauty that is transient, whilst also ignoring the poverty in the world.

This is of course tremendously important teaching and the Pope is drawing our attention to the plight of the poor in the world in order to lure us away from our idolatries - our superfluous spending.

Theological Virtues: he shows how this divine gift of faith, hope and love, given at baptism is diminished by our self-sufficiency.

Latin American Catholic Culture: he tells of how the Latin American Catholic Culture can be a resource for all the Church. He speaks of devotion to Our Lady, the Saints, the Incarnation and Redemption. He believes modern relativism is trying to erode our faith, but this popular devotion in Latin American through grace will, he thinks, resist.

Prayer: The Pope asks, how do we pray? It is not just asking God and thanking Him. Do you adore Him in your prayers? He says, as well as Catholics being mendicants (beggars) we need to make sure our prayer builds up our faith. He suggests if we do not worship God, truly worship God, we will replace God with something else - which is idolatry (worship our pets, worship our appearance ...).

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