St Joseph, patron of the universal church, pray for us

Cardinal Dolan invites us to keep a Novena to St Joseph from 11th to 19th (his Feast). Cardinal Dolan explains:

St. Joseph, a man of silence – and we need quiet reflection as the College of Cardinals and members of the Church;
St. Joseph, a man who dealt with emergencies – – think of his virgin wife’s “untimely,” embarrassing pregnancy; the birth of Jesus in exile, in a stable; the flight to Egypt to escape a murdering tyrant, the three-day loss of his boy – – with calmness, trust in God, and responsibility.  What an example he is as we see so many “emergencies” in the Church and the world today!
St. Joseph, ever attentive to God’s will, placing Jesus and Mary at the heart of his life, reliable in his duties to care and protect his virgin wife and adopted son; a working-man who took pride in his profession as a carpenter.
No wonder we call him the Patron of the Church Universal.  Wouldn’t it be great to have a new Pope by his feast-day?

It is an attractive idea; thank you Cardinal. more

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