Monday, 20 May 2013

You really cannot make this up!


Following the publicised trial of Kermit Gosnell (see last post) now 'pro-choicers' are blaming those who are against abortion for the terrible case of Kermit Gosnell. See here. You really cannot make this up! Apparently pro-lifers so stigmatise abortion that women are driven to 'dodgy' places like Kermit Gosnell's.
However the US National Abortion Federation apparently made an assessment of Gosnell's facilities and despite finding them to be woefully unsuitable to provide any medical procedure, they failed to report him to the authorities. As others have reported there was a deliberate lack of inspection over his facilities because of pro-choice politics in the State.

The way of thinking for those who support abortion leads usually to a position that any child can be 'terminated' as long as it is in the uterus. For a pro-choicer the decision to terminate a child's life can only be legitimately made by the mother, but can be made at any time during the child's gestation in the womb. The horror of discovering that Dr Gosnell had snipped the spines of these babies after they were born seems to have no impact on these pro-choicers. Their way of thinking would seem to suggest that Dr Gosnell's actions if done in-utero would have been legitimate. This is the culture of death: a very twisted logic that legitimates something that rightly causes people to be horrified. Intrinsically I see no difference between the twisted logic of the Nazis whose way of thinking legitimated the destruction of those they regarded as less than human, and, the twisted logic of the pro-choice movement which legitimates the destruction of human beings whose status is dependant on the choice of their mother. Both ways of thinking build up a culture of death, where destruction of human life becomes commonplace and acceptable.

In this following discussion there are some suggestions at how we might go about opening people's eyes to this deathly logic. It is certainly very difficult to bring up the subject of abortion, but the Gosnell case gives us an opportunity to open a discussion. One of the difficult things is that our culture finds it almost impossible to publicly discuss this atrocity. And that means it is hidden away. Hidden away, the culture of death thrives. One of our responsibilities as members of our society is to bring into the light, albeit in a sensitive way, any injustice/evil being perpetrated in our society. We need to discover with courage and sensitivity, how we might do that.

DAY NINE (Eve of Pentecost)