Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Catholic Women of the Year in the Southwest

Catholic Women of the Year 2013 | Catholic Women of the Year for 2013, Mary Maguire, Mary Cahill, Rosaline,Marjorie Parker,  wives of Ordinariate clergy, Joanna Bogle

CONGRATULATIONS to Mrs Lizzie Lashbrooke, Mrs Jean Chinery, Mrs Margaret Hellyer, Mrs Cain, Mrs Clarke, Mrs Georgina Furness, Mrs Ann Ellis, all of whom, very deservedly, have been awarded SPECIAL CERTIFICATES OF HONOUR in the awards of The Catholic Women of the Year 2013. 

The Catholic Women of the Year for 2013 have been chosen. In this Year of Faith, the theme is that of upholding and passing on the Catholic Faith.

The four Catholic Women of the Year for 2013 are: Mary Maguire from Bury, Lancashire, Mary Cahill from Jersey, Channel Islands, Rosaline Egan from London and Marjorie Parker,  from Leeds.(more)

In addition, the Catholic Women of the Year committee is giving a special certificate of honour this year to the wives of Ordinariate clergy. Usually the award is not given to groups but to specific individuals. An exception has been made this year after the wives were nominated in a letter noting that they have “bravely supported their husbands on the path to Christians unity: in the process they have surrendered financial security and family homes while having to support their families at a time of great stress and uncertainty. They are an often forgotten but nevertheless vital part of fulfilling the vision of the Ordinariate.”

DAY NINE (Eve of Pentecost)