An Evangelical Preacher arrested in Wimbledon because someone is "offended"

Tony Miano, was arrested by Police on the streets of Britain because he had "offended" onlookers when he had said that sexual immorality was a sin, and had listed homosexual behaviour as sinful. An onlooker phoned the Police and he was arrested! This is an example of where we have come to in Britain today! If people are offended when we name homosexual behaviour a sin in public, then we can be arrested?

While this sort of street preaching is not my style, nor a strategy that I think is effective, I do defend the right of people to be able to preach on our streets. And of course if indeed someone is inciting others to hatred then that is wrong. But how is simply stating what one believes to be sin, offensive? It is quite incredible where we come to in Britain and to actually see it on the screen:

Watch from 8 minutes in if you do not like the music, and to hear his teaching about sexual immorality that is so offensive.

Mr Miano was later questioned in custody, but an inspector later determined not to proceed, and he was later released from custody. One of the peculiar things that happened was that he was handed a Bible while he was in his cell!

The Telegraph reported it here

The Archbishop Cranmer blog gives a transcript of the police interview here

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