Recommended Summer Reading

I recommend the following for members of the Ordinariate this summer. 

1. "Catholics of the Anglican Patrimony - The Personal Ordinariate of Our Lady of Walsingham" (Gracewing) - available through amazon.
This book is by Fr Aidan Nichols, OP, of course! He is a great friend to Ordinariate and not least in his vision of the Ordinariate in the evangelisation of England. Here in this little book he sets out the history leading up to the formation of the Ordinariate, Pope Benedict's vision, the problem of the Liturgy and the Mission. It is a slim volume (82pp) with fairly large print so can be tackled even by the reluctant reader.

2. "The Realm - An unfashionable Essay on the Conversion of England" (St Pauls, 2010)  
- available through amazon
If you liked Fr Aidan's book above then I recommend you then read this book, which puts it all in a slightly larger framework. It is very readable and combines an historical analysis of our culture and suggestions for the strategies of Evangelisation.

3. "Evangelical Catholicism - deep reform in the 21st century church"
This is George Weigels new book which elaborates on his thesis that the Church has moved into a new era in which the evangelisation strategy of Counter-reformation Catholicism no longer is appropriate nor effective. He discerns that what is needed is Evangelical Catholicism which he explains in detail in the book. Again it is available through amazon. (I downloaded the Kindle version which only set me back £9.59 which is a bargain.) At 304 pages it is the longest read out of the three books but nevertheless well worth it.

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