Advent Reflections filmed at Buckfast Abbey

Filmed at Buckfast Abbey and the School of the Annunciation.

1st Week of Advent: Repentance Is the Essence of Conversion
Abbot David Charlesworth, OSB, of Buckfast Abbey, speaks about the importance of personal conversion
as the means for getting ready for the coming of Christ.
Sunday, Nov 30 at 7:30, 15:30; Tuesday 2, 19:00; Thursday 4, 21:30 (30 mins)

2nd Week of Advent: Preparing to Welcome Christ
Dom Thomas Regan, OSB, of Buckfast Abbey, talks about the need to prepare well in order to properly celebrate Advent and Christmas, by putting Christ at the heart of Christmas.
Sunday 7, 7:30, 15:30; Tuesday 9, 19:00; Thursday 11, 21:30. (30 mins)

3rd Week of Advent: Rejoicing with Mary in the Coming of the Lord
Fr Guy Nicholls, of the Birmingham Oratory, invites us to prepare our hearts like Mary, to rejoice in the
coming of the Lord. Sunday 14, 07:30, 15:30; Tuesday 16, 19:00; Thursday 18, 21:30. (30 mins)

4th Week of Advent: Hope in the Word Made Flesh
Fr Ian Hellyer, of the Ordinariate, reflects that hope is at the heart of Advent, fulfilled ultimately in the Word made Flesh. Sunday 21, 07:30, 15:30; Tuesday 23, 19:00. (30 mins)

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