The Didache Bible - well suited for members of the Ordinariate

The Didache Bible seems to me to be an excellent resource for Catholics who want a decent translation of Holy Scripture (it is RSV 2nd CE) with a good but simple commentary. For members of the Ordinariate this is the translation that we use at mass.

The excellent feature of this edition is that the commentary also refers to the Catechism. So it directs you to learn more about the subject of the comment in the Church's Tradition. This way you know you are getting a faithful Catholic comment on the Scripture passage.

There are also throughout this edition single page apologetical explanations of the Faith which explain (again with references to the Catechism and magisterial documents) various topics of the faith. These look very good. 

There are quite a number of new maps at the back together with a glossary. All in all in looks like it could become indispensable to Catholics, and perhaps especially members of the Ordinariate.

At the moment you cannot get them from the UK. I am going to order some more copies soon, so if you are local to me and want me to add you to the order get in touch, we can save on the carriage costs.

The only edition is in hard-back and cost me roughly £24 each when I ordered ten from the States.

This young chap has caught the Didache Bible bug! ...

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