Development of the Shrine at Walsingham

The new Rector of the national Shrine to Our Lady at Walsingham, Mgr Armitage, has shared some of the ideas for developing the Catholic Shrine over the next three years. It looks very exciting and very positive. Let us all lend our prayers and other support that we can offer. May Our Lady of Walsingham bless these efforts and by her Holy Intercession may our nation return to England's Nazareth.

Fr Ian

Here are some of the plans with Mgr Armitage's open letter below them:

Dear Friends,
I’m very happy to be able to share with you some of the ideas that are developing for Our Lady’s Shrine at Walsingham. In this moment of great promise, Walsingham looks to see how it can continue this great pilgrim story and serve the Church in this country, in support of the New Evangelisation.
The calling by Pope Francis of a Holy Year of Mercy will be central to the ministry of the Shrine in the coming year. “A Door of Mercy will be opened for the duration of the Holy Year at any Shrine frequented by large groups of pilgrims, since visits to these holy sites are so often grace-filled moments, as people discover a path to conversion and an extraordinary moment of grace and spiritual renewal.” (Misericordiae Vultus - BULL OF INDICTION OF THE EXTRAORDINARY JUBILEE OF MERCY FRANCIS - BISHOP OF ROME)
Please keep us in your prayers and do whatever you can to publicise this new chapter in the story of England’s Ancient Shrine to the Mother of God. In future posts we will be looking at ways you can support the development of the Shrine and celebrate the Holy Year here at Walsingham. May the Mother of God watch over and protect you and your families.
Mgr John Armitage

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