The Black Hermits need help

When I left the Church of England and sought to enter the Catholic Church within the newly erected Ordinariate, it was clear to my wife and I that it would be an act of faith. This we believed was God's will. And to be honest it has been a continual act of faith ever since. One of the wonderful things that happened though was that many people wrote to us to show their support from all over the country, and some very kindly offered donations to help us get by as we made the change from vicarage to presbytery. One of the generous donations we received came from a small group of hermits called the Black Hermits. I had never heard of them, but they evidently had heard of me and my family!

Br Damon

Now the Black Hermits need help. They have got into trouble by promoting the faith and particularly the moral law. Because of this they have fallen out of favour with their bishop who is now evicting them from the presbytery they have been living in. So they need help. As they put it in their own words, it would take a brave bishop to take them on now! These hermits will not compromise on their faith nor on the truth, and they are really concerned about their neighbour's salvation. These are unusual qualities in these secular times.

Why is it such a problem for people to express their opinions today? In this case, if the two witches who filed for harassment decided to leaflet everybody about how good it is to be witches and lesbian etc, there wouldn't be anything like the same reaction.

Oh I am really hoping someone can find them a home, where they can both live their eremitic and semi-eremitic lives and also bear courageous witness to the truth, at a time when so, so many fall away in fear. I would love to give them space in my presbytery but I already have twelve living here!

I will be praying and offering masses for these good and faithful prayer warriors, please join me in supporting them this way. And please could someone courageous who has some land find them some space.

Their website:

Fr Ian