Sometimes its the little things that warm the heart!

Artists in the sacristy

Sometimes it is the little and often hidden things that really do bring joy to the heart. When a priest's vestments are set out in the sacristy it is traditional for them not only to be laid out in a convenient way so he can vest and pray at the same time. But it is often the case that girdle or cincture and stole are arranged in a meaningful way. As an Anglo-catholic often they would be arranged as an Alpha and Omega. I find as a Catholic priest now that the sacristan often arranges them in the form of IHS. Both are reminders to the priest that what he is about to do is no ordinary thing, but, in persona Christi capitas, he will speak and act for Christ in the sanctuary. Of course none of the congregation will know the trouble the sacristan took in getting the priest's garments ready but that in a way makes it all the more beautiful as an offering.

I came across a blog showing the next level of artistry from the arranging of the cincture and stole to the arranging of the amice ribbons. Again they are really creative and beautiful, and though hidden show devotion and the love of God.

Above the amice ribbons are arranged as the keys of St Peter on the Feast of the Chair of St Peter. I also liked the one below for St Gabriel's day (24 March).

For the rest go here. Thanks be to God for such beautiful little things.

Fr Ian