Monday, 21 March 2011

Greeting and invitation from Bishop Budd

Bishop Christopher Budd of Plymouth has sent us a letter of greeting, welcome and invitation.  He greets us with these words:
Firstly may I say what a joy it was to welcome you and your people to the Rite of Election on the 1st Sunday of Lent.  The spontaneous applause which greeted you spoke for itself and hopefully gives you some indication of the warm welcome awaiting you.
He goes on to invite us all to the Chrism Mass at the Cathedral on Wednesday 20th April at 5pm.  There will be refreshments in a marquee after the mass, so we will need to know how many are likely to come.  Please let your group pastor know if you are coming so he can inform the Bishop's secretary.

The Chrism mass is an opportunity to celebrate the gift of priesthood from Christ to His Church. Usually all priests in a diocese will attend the Chrism mass together with some of their people to show their support and thanksgiving.  As the future clergy of the Ordinariate look forward to their ordination as priests in the Catholic church, so we would value the support of any of the laity who could manage to come.

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