Thursday, 24 March 2011

Mary - Mother of God, Mother of Christ, Mother of the Church

Statue of Our Lady with Christchild in the Lavender Garden, Buckfast Abbey
Today the Buckfast Group met in the Upper Room with Abbot David for catechesis.  We focused on Mary whom we call Mother of God, Mother of Christ and Mother of the Church.  The Church has accorded Mary special honour in her unique vocation as the mother of Christ our Saviour, the Son of God.  We do not worship or adore Mary but we do venerate her unique example, and we ask for her intercession in our every need.  Although this was not new to us, Abbot David helped us to reflect much more deeply to see that the specific doctrines relating to Mary are doctrines of Christ and the Church.  All this was very fitting as we realised we were meeting on the Eve of the Annunciation of our Lord.
We look forward to our next session on Thursday 31st March, at 2.30pm in the Upper Room, and this time we will reflect on the Sacraments and Christ.
Ian Hellyer, Group Pastor

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