Sunday, 27 March 2011

Lent 3 Thirst and living water

In the Herb Garden there is a little "moat" around the poisonous plants.

From reflecting with St Anselm on deer and streams yesterday, water and thirst was very much the topic as we gathered for mass at Buckfast Abbey.  The desire for water by the Israelites following Moses into the desert was highlighted first, and this was combined with the use of thirst by our Lord at the well as a pedagogy for encouraging the Samaritan woman to thirst for the living water.  One cannot also help reflecting on fasting as well as thirsting (the two seem very much connected); for those of us journeying towards the Ordinariate must experience something of the desert.  We have had to give up things.  Perhaps it has been security in a particular, familiar home?  Or the uncertainty of launching out into the unknown, not being exactly certain of what we will be received into, except in faith to know that it is the fullness of the church of Jesus Christ.  We have had to fast from the Eucharist and wait humbly for the word, then we shall be healed.  All these things, by the grace of God, help us to thirst for living water that lasts for eternity.
Ian Hellyer, Pastor of the Buckfast Group

PS. Once again the tadpoles were checked by my sons. No legs yet! However there are fewer tadpoles.

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