Christ the King and Christ our Hope

On the solemn feast of Our Lord Jesus Chist, universal King, the Buckfast Ordinariate Group celebrated Sunday mass in a different location to usual.  Abbot David gave us permission to use the community's house chapel while the Blessed Sacrament Chapel was being used for an afternoon of Eucharistic devotion.  So we gathered in the house chapel of St Michael, for the final mass of the Church's year.  It was wonderful to see most of the group gathered for mass, and it was good to welcome visitors too.  We had ten children amongst us which was also good as this Sunday is also known as Youth Sunday.  Fr Robin was principle celebrant and preached a very good homily on the Kingship of Christ.

Following mass we went to the Grange for tea or coffee and homemade cookies which the Abbey had very generously laid on for us. Members of the group commented very favourably on mass in the smaller chapel. Being physcially closer to each other meant the whole celebration somehow seemed more united. For those with hearing difficulties the smaller chapel made it easier to listen to the sermon - it is just as well Fr Robin was preaching, that they received a quality homily!  Thank you to Fr Abbot and the community for allowing us to complete the Church's Year with the fantastic celebration of Christ the King in their private chapel.

We are all looking forward to next week's celebrations on Advent Sunday.  In the evening, the Ordinariate is having an Advent Carol Service in Christ the King at 7.30pm. Christ the King is the Catholic Church of the city centre coming under the Cathedral. We are very pleased that Mgr Canon Nannery gave his blessing for the Ordinariate to use this church on this occasion. We shall be using a liturgy authorised for use for the Ordinariate for the very first time. We look forward also to hearing the Abbey Choir sing A Cappela in the beautiful church in candlelight.

I think there is nothing like the Carols and Hymns of Advent that come as an antidote to the gloom that seems to infect life at this time of year.  The major event for the world seems to be gearing up shopping for Christmas. The city centre in Plymouth has already switched on its lights. Extra stalls together with an ice rink are layed on to make the shopping experience 'extra special'.  (Personally it makes me want to avoid the place - bah, humbug.)  Whereas the Church's liturgy points us to Christ our only hope. In the light of such hope everything that the world offers pales into insignificance.  So we hope and pray that our Advent Carol Service will help to redirect our gaze and place it firmly on Christ our Hope.

Every blessing,
Fr Ian

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