Unwanted baby rescued from sewage pipe

This is an extremely shocking piece of news. A newborn baby was heard crying inside a sewage pipe!

Mother Mary intercede for fallen humanity. 
Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on us sinners.

The child was rescued by the fire department and taken to hospital where the pipe was removed piece by piece from around the blessed infant. However one cannot but help wonder, how many live infants are not heard but die in the sewers?

This piece of news comes from China but we in the West in no way have the moral high-ground. We are killing unborn children at a frightening rate. And the recent Gosnall case in the US has brought to all our attention that present day advocates of abortion believe infanticide is also morally permissible.

We all need to WAKE UP to this!

I find it utterly beyond comprehension that someone could justify infanticide, but that is exactly what some secular moral philosophers argue. And their argument is gaining ground. Recently the Ordinariate clergy received lectures on Moral Theology from the Maryvale Institute, and our tutor, Fr Dylan James, said that almost all pro-abortion ethicists argue that termination of human life from conception to infancy is morally permissible.

Good people cannot just ignore this and hope it will go away. Human society is very sick and desperately needs the Truth of divine revelation. The New Evangelisation of formerly Christian cultures must have at its heart the Gospel of Life. Let us pray and let us also do all we can to make sure we are prepared to witness to the truth of the Gospel of Life, that ALL human life from conception to natural death is sacred and precious.


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